Separators and Filters

Intechs offers a wide range of air separators and oil filters for Oil & Gas related projects.

We supply filtration products for compressors, blowers, engines and other applications and offer a full range of products for Air Filters, Oil Filters, Air, Oil Separators, etc.

Compressor Oil Filters stop most wear-causing particles between 10 and 40 microns from entering the unit. Materials are either paper or synthetic media. These filters are the second barrier of protection after air filters. For 10 to 20 microns particles.

We also supply fuel and lube filters for marine engines, heavy duty air intake filters for engines, transmission filters, industrial air and gas filters, coalescing filters for industrial applications, etc.

Intechs also offers a full range of refrigerated dryers and regenerative dryers to remove water vapor from compressed air. These filters are available for both general purpose and high quality compressed air

Filter Separator

  • Offline filter separator units
    Separators and Separation Equipment

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  • Fiberglass Tanks
  • Heater Treaters
  • Metal Tanks
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  • Treaters
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